Who we are

Purebills & our flagship www.purebills.com
We are a developing Australian business with a start-up energy and culture, providing innovative eInvoicing (Sales & Spend), eReceipting and ePayments cloud Solutions and Services. Purebills was Established in Melbourne Australia in 2010 and launched www.purebills.com in 2017 after years of development of our core OCR technology, our Augmented Intelligence engine and our web and mobile platforms.

Purebills.com selected by Amazon
In August 2017 Purebills was selected by Amazon Web Services to participate in the prestigious aws activate program for start-ups. This is a seal of approval for our team’s hard efforts in developing the innovative purebills solution. AWS activate is the program that included successful start-ups such as Airbnb, slack, pinterest and others.

We empower:

A. Small & Medium Enterprises, self-employed professionals and Accountants/Bookkeepers with our eInvoicing, eReceipting and ePayments cloud application www.purebills.com and the relevant Services

B. Large scale enterprises and Government Agencies with our Advisory, Implementation and Integration Services offerings for: (i) eInvoicing, eReceipting and ePayments Solutions, (ii) Source to Contract Solutions and (iii) Procure to Pay Solutions

We use proven best practices and push the limits to create simple effective solutions
Over the years based on best-in-class frameworks- and lots of practice-, we have developed our home grown agile methodology in the space with our relevant Playbooks. We follow the latest market and technology trends and implement powerful scalable solutions always with the client’s needs in mind.

Our focus is on the best outcomes for our clients in the most cost effective way
We have a different non-conventional approach to eInvoicing (SELL & SPEND), ePayments and eProcurement cloud solutions. We simply focus and Architect the best value creation outcome for the client and work backwards in designing/implementing the right, simplest solution for the customer/user in the most cost effective way.

Our Experience
The Team is a highly experienced and knowledgeable team including of business, procurement, & payments consultants, functional and technical subject matter experts, Agile project managers, OCR engineers, IT security experts and UX designers. We have all delivered multiple successful projects to all scales of enterprises and government over the years. 

Our Geography
Our team members have worked on multiple projects in the private and government sectors in Australia, New Zealand, Japan, & Europe. Key companies in the private sector that the team has led and delivered projects to, include: NAB, MLC Life Insurance, Lion, Westpac, ANZ Bank, COM Bank, Macquarie Bank, Rio Tinto, IAG, CGU, SP Ausnet, Australian Unity, HP, Ariba SAP and others. Also, led several projects for Australian public sector departments in NSW and Victoria.

21+ growing

Powering Business online, all in one place, everywhere!